My career has taken me to many corners of the scientific world from research to education to public outreach. I started out in animal behavior research as an undergraduate student, which lead to a doctoral program at UCLA studying the mating behavior of solitary bees. While there, I also got involved in teaching and academic advising. Since graduating with my Ph.D., I have been living in the zoo/aquarium world managing the National Aquarium's vast animal record system (among many other duties). These experiences have given me a unique perspective on the different ways people interact with science and how our scientific knowledge is communicated to diverse audiences across the world.

I believe it is important that we not only expand our knowledge of the world but spread that knowledge to as many people as possible. By increasing the number and diversity of people involved in science, we have a greater chance of solving urgent, global problems like climate change and poverty.

I created this site to showcase my scientific experiences as well as some of my hobbies. Please take a look around by clicking any of the links above. If you have any questions for me, use the contact link to send me a message.